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Well you’ve probably been there before but just click on our home page and enter your search! Our industry leading search engine will not only bring up details of properties that fit your requirement but will also tell you their proximity to train and bus stations, motorways and use the additional Google search and it`ll tell you where the nearest pizza place is or your local cinema ! You can save each search then compare them all at the end !! . Our properties are updated on a daily basis. If you find anything of interest contact us for more details or to arrange viewing or simply arrange a viewing online; and of course we`ll get back to you to confirm it !

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm although the viewing hours extend to 8pm on weekdays and 12:30pm at weekends so we should always be able to fit you in.. If there is nothing immediately of interest please complete our update facility at the end of the search results and we’ll send you an email of any new properties that meet your requirements. Alternatively give us a call and have a chat with one of our property managers. We have our ear to the ground and take on average 30 new properties per month in addition to our existing portfolio of over 1000 properties

Once you’ve found the one, you need to secure the property by putting down a bond so that we can remove it from the market! This can be between £200 and the full deposit depending on when your move in date is. Once this is paid, the property is now reserved....but not yours yet ! We then ask you to fill out our Tenancy Application Form / instruction and reference form (download pdf form). We then check all your references which takes about 2 days. Once that done, and alls well we will confirm that the property is yours. Zone do not charge fees other than the deposit and monthly rent in accordance with section 32 of the PRH Scotland Act 2011.

Our lease agreement is a standard short assured tenancy as set out in the current Housing (Scotland) Act. The minimum lease period is six months, although the initial lease period may be anything from six to twelve months or longer depending on the requirements of both the tenant and the landlord. Tenancies can be extended beyond the initial period by agreement of both parties.

On-going management

Zone is committed to providing you with support throughout your tenancy should you need it ! Our phones are always on; yes the only numbers you need are: 0131 225 7799 for Edinburgh 0141 333 0990 for Glasgow and 0207 555 332 for London. We have all your maintenance issues covered  24/7.

Our Terms

Our Terms and Conditions document (download tenants T&Cs pdf) along with your tenancy agreement will keep you right ! As always if you are unsure about anything please call your regional office.

You must give proper notice if you wish to leave the property (normally one or two months’ notice is required but check your lease). Read the contract again and talk to the agent or landlord, especially if there is any ambiguity - it is far better to resolve it now than later.

Moving Out

When you leave the property, we will ask you to give us a forwarding address where we can reach you. On your checkout, a Property Manager will visit the property to assess its condition against the inventory signed at the start of the tenancy. Any dilapidations or cleaning in the property will be charged from the deposit, along with any breakages. We must then ensure that the property has no outstanding debt; you need to show that your bills have been cleared (utility bills, council tax , etc;) A BACS payment directly from MyDeposits (where your deposit is held) will then be made to your account.

Check out these documents they will assist you in your move out !! We require all tenants to fill the final move out document on exit.

Guidance notes on moving out (download pdf)
Final move out form (download pdf)

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